How I lost my camera - Canon 6D with lens Canon f4/ 24-105

I lost my camera Canon 6D with lens f4 / 24-105 in Rhodopi mountains, Bulgaria, about a month and a half ago. I still cannot imagine how this happened and I was very ashamed of it. I took it (this one or the other one I have) almost everywhere with me because I was afraid that someone can steal it. But after reading that people lose their children I'm better now. ;) It can happen to anyone, just the brain can switch off for a second just like it happened to me.

So how did everything happen? Me and moy boyfriend were on a trip in Rhodopi mountains and I left it on a table next to a fountain near Belintash, it couldn't get wet. aКак се случи? I took it from the car in case someone tries to steal it from there. As always. I left it on a table near the fountain and told my boyfriend so he remembers, too. On the way back, I thought he took it, because I looked around and we had other stuff - food, water bottles. Plus, he carried it most of the time because I have back pain and cannot carry heavy stuff and it's very heavy for me. So, we found out it was missing 2 hours later. It was too late and we ere too far but I insisted we go back. The camera wasn't there, of course! Exactly on this day, there were too many people and this is the last fountain before Belintash. There were no people while we were on that place, but people go there may be more on the way back to the cars / busses.

Went to the police and declared it's missing. After a month we received a letter that a pre-trial proceedings have been initiated. can you imagine that? They have started searching for it after a whole month! Whata a country is this!?? There is not a single trace in thet, although I registed it on websites for lost cameras. I'd better had a car! At least they would have started searching for it much sooner. After all I couldn't afford a new car for that money, but still I could buy a working second car for that money.

So, searcing goes on, although I lost hope. Anyway, if someone finds out anything about the camera, I will very much appreciate if you tell me. I will be very thankful for your help!

Please, write in the comments what precious things (for yourself) you've lost. :) This will help my post get to more people and may be the right person will see it.

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