Are you in love? May be that is enough for you to get married, but for me it is not enough to photograph you. ;) I would like to know more about you. What do you like to do, what are your interests? How do you spend your free time together? I'd be happy to photograph newlyweds of the same kind.

I was born in a coastal town and I could not imagine life without the sea. But love took me to another place and I discovered the mountains. Now I really don't know what I love most – the sea or the mountains. I'm looking for my deeply in love, fearless, adventurous newlyweds with deep affection of the mountains and nature itself.

Well, ok! I know that is too much... If you meet at least one of the conditions, I'll be glad to photograph you! :)

I'll be happy if you tell me more about you and your dream wedding in a letter using the contact form.